Next update will be the first week of September!

New Committee Members since May 2017:

David Felpel – Strasburg Borough-1st Ward (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Jim Hughes – Lancaster City-6th Ward-5th Precinct (Lancaster City)

Amber Martin – Martic Township-Holtwood District (Penn Manor)

Zachary Peirson – Lancaster City-9th Ward-1st Precinct (Lancaster City)

Margaret Weidinger – Millersville Borough-1st Ward (Penn Manor)


Committee Member Resignations since May 2017:

Loren Brown – Conestoga Township (Penn Manor)

David Felpel – West Lampter Twp-Willow Street District (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Deborah Larsen – Lancaster City-9th Ward-5th Precinct (Lancaster City)

Marilyn Sachs – Millersville Borough-1st Ward (Penn Manor)

Barbara Stokes – Martic Township-Holtwood District (Penn Manor)

Sabrina Strong – Manhiem Twp-19th District (Manheim Township)