Next update will be the first week of June!

New Committee Members since March 2017:

Tina Bauman – East Cocalico Township-Smokestown District (Cocalico) 

Shawn Eberly – Brecknock Township-Muddy Creek District (Elanco)

Allie Vaccaro – Elizabethtown Borough-3rd Ward-3rd Precinct (Elizabethtown)

Gregory Barge – Mount Joy Township-Cloverleaf District (Elizabethtown)

Shawn Landis – Ephrata Township-Lincoln District (Ephrata)

Patricia Hackman – Ephrata Borough-4th Ward (Ephrata)

David Felpel – Strasburg Borough-1st Ward (Lampeter-Strasburg)

Candace Cabanas – Lancaster City-8th Ward-4th Precinct (Lancaster City)

Claudette Wood – Rapho Township-Willow Creek (Manheim Central)

Roger Wood – Rapho Township-Willow Creek (Manheim Central)

Steven Breit – Maheim Township-21st District (Manheim Township)

Joshua Zulick – Manor Township-Hambright District (Penn Manor)

Committee Member Resignations since March 2017:

David Felpel – West Lampeter Township-Willow Street District (Lampeter-Strasburg)