Chairman Supports Senate Investigation

LANCASTER, PA — Earlier today, our two Lancaster County State Senators, Senator Ryan Aument and Senator Scott Martin, introduced Senate Resolution 8 – establishing a Special Committee on Senate Address to pursue direct removal (under section 7 of Article VI of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) of Lancaster County Sheriff Mark Reese.

Chairman Dave Dumeyer stated, “It is regrettable that it has come to this, but as an independently elected row officer, Sheriff Reese is not subject to discipline or removal from office by the Lancaster County Commissioners. Although the County called for Sheriff Reese’s resignation last August, the Commissioners’ inability under the law to take direct action to discipline or remove him from his position means that this ordeal could continue at a significant cost to the County’s taxpayers – something we Republicans find unacceptable – without a higher entity stepping in to take action. If approved, Senate Resolution 8 will address this issue by allowing an investigation to occur upon which actual action can be taken against Sheriff Reese if the facts discovered warrant discipline or removal. For this reason, we support the interests of our citizens in this matter in terms of the ending the erosion of trust in a government official. We are hopeful the State Senate moves swiftly with their investigation.”

Dumeyer continued, “We fully support our two Senators in this process and hope the County can heal quickly.”